About Us


Diversityfashionstore is a unique, full-lifestyle shopping destination, with a mostly exclusive assortment of clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty and more. At Diversityfashionstore we take pride in creating choice for black man and women in all areas of their lives. We're a big supporter of Black women talent and are increasingly creating collections with leading Black women designers in fashion and homewares. Our exclusive styles are made with Black women in mind. We buy and design sophisticated, chic and modern styles we know black women will love. We invest in superior construction and high-end finishes to make your  purchase a true representation of affordable luxury.

At Diversityfashionstore we are on a mission to become Black women most responsible fashion label - as it should be.

Established in 2022, the Diversityfashionstore Sustainability Strategy focuses on five pillars: our product, our partners, our promise, our planet, and our people.

At Diversityfashionstore we believe our greatest asset is our people. We are committed to providing continuous growth and development opportunities for our team, and are always looking to grow our community of strategic game-changers.