11pcs Self-Defence Keychain

11pcs Self-Defence Keychain Set Multi-Function Keyring Alarm Pepper Spray Whistle Best Girl's Safety Insurance Gift For Women

Our security key chain set is the perfect gift for Mother's Day. It is also suitable for students, elderly, women, night workers, etc. Suitable for night running, dog walking, traveling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.The unique 11-piece security key chain set includes a wrist strap, Pepper Spray ,130 decibel alarm clock with flashlight, bottle opener, manual cleaner holder for 30 ml empty bottles, lipstick holder, window breaker, pompom and whistle, non touch key, window breaker, etc.130db loudly: the emergency alarm emits a loud sound, which can attract peoples attention even at a distance of 600 feet; 130db can effectively scare dangerous attackers and ask for help; when you encounter difficulties or need help, it will be Your good helper. Simply pull the needle to activate the hand-held alarm, then insert the needle to stop it. Equipped with a bright LED flashlight, suitable for emergency use.Practical and stylish: a suit can protect you and is also a good accessory.

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